Capping Machinery

Flexible and Efficient Capping for a Wide Range of Closures

USB offers versatile, reliable capping at competitive prices.  From pumps, to straws, to laundry detergent spouts, U.S. Bottlers has manufactured cappers to apply a broad range of cap types, shapes and sizes. Being able to draw on this experience is a large reason why we believe our cappers are the best custom-made rotary cappers on the market. It also helps to explain why they are our top-selling machines, year after year. Offered in a 14” pitch diameter, up to 40” for speeds up to 1000 bpm, our cappers can be built as standalone machines, or integrated into a monoblock/triblock configuration to provide a great combination with a USB filler. Click on the model names below to view a brochure containing additional information on machine features.

Rotary Capper (RC)

The Rotary Chuck Style Capper is designed to apply and rotate a pre-sorted cap on a container, based on a predetermined applied torque. USB Rotary Cappers have a straightforward, simple design, supplied in a stainless steel, heavy duty construction. The mechanical or pneumatic capping chucks feature superior magnetic clutches, which maintain uniform torque values, allowing for fast individual torque changes of each capping station.

High-Speed Capper (HC)

The HC Capper is the latest in capping technology from U.S. Bottlers.  This “High-Speed” model is able to achieve higher rpm’s to match the USB filler family speeds. The contained cam rollers allow for a smooth, consistent operation, while the design controls ensure accurate alignment of cap to bottle engagement. The adjustable top load and non-cogging magnetic clutches result in tremendous torque control and cap application.  Bottle base and/or neck support options, along with the standard bottle belt system prevents rotation and enables the capper to handle lightweight bottles. The capping headsets are designed with advance, non-corrosive materials and bearings, and can be removed individually for easy maintenance.

Rotary Overcapper (ROC)

The Rotary Overcapper is an adaptation of the Rotary Capper to apply caps that do not require torque.  The capping heads apply the overcaps with a downward motion onto the containers with enough force to seat them in a secure position that locks or snaps the caps into place.  Overcappers are commonly used to apply protective caps that are placed over a pump or aerosol  spray mechanisms.  Laundry detergent spouts are also a popular application for which the ROC is used.