Rotary Cleaners

Peak Performance for the Long Run

U.S. Bottlers’ cleaners and rinsers are built to last. For moisture-free packaging environments, the classic stand-alone rotary Sanitair Air Cleaner model is available for speeds up to 500 BPM.  For wet environments, a Rotary Rinser turret is the best solution for higher speeds and can rinse containers using air, water or a rinsing solution.

Sanitair (DS) Air Cleaner

Using air, inversion, and vacuum in a heavy-duty design that has been proven to outperform any other air cleaner since its development in 1929, the Sanitair rotary bottle cleaner is the industry standard for performance and reliability.  U.S. Bottlers has supplied rotary bottle cleaners to the distilled spirits, winery, pharmaceutical, personal care, food and beverage, and cosmetic industries.

Rotary Rinsers

The Rotary Rinser (RR) utilizes a controlled amount of air, water or rinsing solution to provide a thorough cleaning and draining of the containers. The Rotary Rinser removes of all loose foreign matter from containers through a combination of pressure-rinsing and positive draining.  The RR model features seal-less rinsing valves of sanitary design, and an enclosed liquid system to prevent the wetting of exterior surfaces of containers and machine.  Variable speed capability and an adjustable height feature allow these rinsers to accommodate multiple container sizes.  Either available as a stand-alone machine, or integrated into a combined system, the Rotary Rinser is the best solution to ensure that your containers are particle-free and ready to be filled.