Combined Machinery

The Most Effective Option for Streamlining Your Operations

Combined machines are designed to minimize container handling between the rinsing, filling and/or capping operations.  By maintaining positive container control throughout the process, this minimizes the possibility of spillage or cross-contamination of product during the transfer of containers to and from each machine turret.  A monoblock design entails two turrets on one machine cabinet, while triblocks and combiblocks incorporate three and four or more turrets on a single base, respectively.  In addition to offering all of the USB family machine models with these systems, we also offer the flexibility of integrating equipment from outside manufacturers if/when necessary.  The efficient container transfer, along with the advantages of being supported by a single manufacturer, is a great way to improve your packaging process and simplifying after-market part ordering/maintenance after installation.


U.S. Bottlers’ monoblock systems offer “gold standard” filler and capper technology in one simplified, integrated system. With two turrets operating on one common machine base, we are able to deliver the high-performance rinsing, filling and capping that today’s high-speed packaging lines demand.

By precisely matching the timing between filler and capper, monoblock models enhance the transfer process, reducing atmospheric exposure of filled product, eliminating deadplates, and significantly reducing feedscrew spills.  Monoblock configuration is not only available for a filler/capper combination, we also offer dual-capping turret systems.


U.S. Bottlers’ triblock and combiblock systems operate under the same principle and offer the same advantages of the monoblock with additional turrets.  Common arrangements include rinser/filler/capper or filler/capper/capper. However, depending on the scope of your project, we can assist you in finding the most appropriate solution for your process.   Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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