Filling Machinery

Find the Best Model to Fill Your Needs

U.S. Bottlers’ filling machines enable you to fill to a specific level in a container, or a desired volume. Based on the product being filled, we are able to customize the construction of the filler to withstand the filling environment. Whether you are looking for a high-grade of stainless steel for a caustic, hot-fill product, or PVC to be able to handle highly-corrosive bleach, we offer a variety of materials to provide you with the appropriate filling system. Fillers are sized based on bottle size/shape, and the desired production speed that needs to be achieved.  U.S. Bottlers designs, fabricates, and tests our fillers in-house to ensure the final product meets your expectations. Click on the model names below to view a brochure containing additional information on machine features.

Pressure Gravity (PG) Filler

The Rotary Pressure Gravity (PG) Filler design is based on filling every container to a pre-determined fill level.  This provides the most uniform and accurate fill level regardless of fluctuations in product or container characteristics. Based on a bottle being present, the filling process begins at a filling rate designed to suit the container’s particular shape and dimensions, as well as the product flow characteristics. Once the target fill level is achieved, the flow of product is diverted to the overflow system, and the filling process stops.  The liquid system is designed to ensure continuous and proper feeding of product to the custom designed filling valves.  The overflow system can be supplied in a closed manifold configuration that enables separation of overflow into an external product tank, and returned for recirculation or reprocessing subject to the customer’s specifications.

Electronic Gravity (EL-G) Filler

The Electronic Gravity (EL-G) Filler is similar to the Pressure Gravity model’s operation in that it provides accurate and consistent level fills at a high rate of speed.  The liquid system is also allows return product to be recirculated or reprocessed. However, what differentiates the EL-G technology is  the electronically controlled filling valve operation.  This feature makes it possible to modulate the flow of product going into the container. The valve can open, throttle or close at specific points throughout the 360-degree filling carousel (referred to as “filling angles”). These filling angles are controlled through programming, and can establish the optimum filling profile for various product characteristics and containers. All of these controls can be accessed, edited and stored through the PLC logic and touch-screen HMI.   This capability has made the EL-G a popular model among manufacturers of juice, liquor and other free-flowing liquids.

Flow Meter (FM) Filler

The Flow Meter (FM) Filler design is based on filling every container to a pre-determined product volume.  This provides the most accurate fill, regardless of fluctuations in product or container characteristics. The filling process begins at a filling rate designed to suit the container’s particular shape and dimensions, as well as the product flow characteristics. Based on active flow  analysis, once the target volume is achieved the filling process stops and the full containers are discharged from the machine.  There are two types of Flow Meters used (Mag Flow and Mass Flow), that are chosen based on product characteristics, and the level of desired accuracy.  Like the EL-G, the Flow Meter has the capability to throttle the flow of product at specific points throughout the filling cycle, accessible through the machine’s electronic panel.  The electronic components provide fully automatic operation, allowing for instantaneous self-adjustments of each individual filling valve while in operation.  The Flow Meter also provides the capability for automatic cleaning of the liquid system, commonly referred to as the “Clean In Place (CIP)” system.

Vacuum Filler (VF)

Fills rigid containers (typically glass), to a consistent level. Incorporates a simple and straightforward liquid system in a robust and durable mechanical design.  The filling valves create a seal at the opening of the container, which allows the vacuum system to remove air and fill product into the container. The results are unparalleled performance, with high accuracy, efficiency and reliability. Popular for filling hot sauce and other thin, free-flowing liquids into glass containers.  There is also an adaptation of the VF that is used to fill pickle jars, which we refer to as the VB, or “Vacuum Briner.”

Funnel Filler (FF)

The Funnel Filler integrates a scale, or auger-style feeder to fill containers with a variety of dry products.  It is well-suited for products such as peanuts, cereals, candy, pet food, pharmaceuticals, spices, and even hardware components.  As the containers enter the machine, they are soon filled with a pre-determined amount of product, dropped from above at a specific point in the filling carousel.  The Funnel Filler utilizes a vibrating lifting track along the perimeter, that allows the product to settle into the containers before they are discharged from the machine.  As the case with all other U.S. Bottlers equipment, these fillers can be modified with various materials to accommodate your particular product.